De/Constructing Crises: Dynamics of Populist Othering


竟博 7.6.2019 11:00 — 17:00

Sijainti: Seminaarinmaki, H306
Seminar organized by the Academy of Finland project Mainstreaming Populism (MAPO) and the Crises Redefined Profiling Area Keynote lectures by Dr Minoo Alinia (S?dert?rn University, Sweden) and Dr James Carr (University of Limerick, Ireland).

Dr?Minoo Alinia is Associate Professor in Sociology and senior lecturer at School of social sciences, S?dert?rn University, Sweden. Her field of research includes migration and diaspora, racism and nationalism, gender and violence, and Kurdish studies. Her research and publications can be distinguished by their postcolonial and critical intersectional perspectives.

Dr James Carr lectures in the Department of Sociology in the University of Limerick, Ireland. Building on previous scholarly and policy oriented publications, in 2016, James published his book Experiences of Islamophobia: Living with Racism in the Neoliberal Era (London and New York: Routledge) which focused on anti-Muslim racism in Ireland set to the international context. James has published research with the Immigrant Council of Ireland, supported by the Open Society Foundations, entitled ‘Islamophobia in Dublin: Experiences and how to respond,’ the recommendations of which he continues to work on with national and international partners.



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